Haby's Bulk Transport

“Servicing South Australian business since 1965.”

Welcome to Haby's Bulk Transport

Haby's Bulk Transport was established in 1965 with a five ton Bedford truck trading as Phil & Yvonne Haby, carting wood, poultry manure, grain, sand & metal. The poultry manure side of the business has since grown to approx 25,000 tonne's per year being moved for agricultural use around South Australia & surrounds. Proudly South Australian, we employ 5 full time driving & maintenance staff & 1 part time secretary.
Now as Haby's Bulk Transport we still cart grain, grapes, almonds, fertilisers, sand, metal, or anything in bulk.
Nuleaf Organics has been an exciting addition to our company. Were previously we have provided to our customers unprocessed poultry manure, we now specialise in providing composted poultry manure to Australian Standards 4454.